Why Digital Treehouse?

How valuable is your time? Are you spending it on the important areas of your business? If not, you are losing out on revenue!

So… you want assurance that your business is complaint? Want more time to work on your business? Spend time with family? Basically, achieve your business and life goals?

Then let’s meet for a coffee to see if we are a fit for each other.


Love your numbers and how easy it is to understand the performance of your business

Feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders by outsourcing your compliance, advisory and growth services to us

Have more time available to work on your business and be present in the moment. (Remember when your mind was in a hundred different places? That is a thing of the past)

Feel happy and accomplished because the business you created gives you a life that makes you happy and meets your vision of success.

Feel rest assured that your financial well-being, and that of your family, is being looked after

Feel accomplished because business is good, you are creating jobs in your community and can support other small businesses around you


Constantly working in your business where the admin takes its toll

Having less time available to focus on what matters

Feeling overworked and underpaid for all your efforts

Always being stressed out



You have moved from a jack of all trades, with limited time

To a business owner that has used his/her business to achieve the life he/she set out to achieve for his/her family

We will live in an ever-changing digital world and for businesses to thrive they need to be where their customers are – online.