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Wax on, Tax Off

We are professional tax consultants that provide taxation services ranging from basic registrations to the submission of complex returns. Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise or even an individual, we aim to deliver professional taxation services at the lowest cost to you

We offer an unrivalled and comprehensive income tax-assist solution and primarily will complete, submit and deal with any queries from SARS. Furthermore, if necessary, we will lodge objections or investigate queries on your behalf.

Personal Tax Services

Don’t have the time or expertise to accurately handle your tax return? Let us handle it – we’re the experts.

Grasshopper Tax Return

Basic Salary + Medical Aid + Retirement Annuity + Tax-free Savings



Purple Belt Tax Return

Basic Tax Return + Travel Allowance + Interest from investments + Dividends from investments + Commission income


R499 + 8.5% of refund

Blackbelt Tax Return

Standard Tax Return + Director fees + Rental income + Independent income + Income from royalties


Business Tax Services

We have created the compliance packages to help you remain tax compliant and to file your tax returns on time. This package will save you money and will prevent penalties or company deregistration.


Income tax return reminder + Provisional tax return reminder + CIPC annual return reminder + Renew BEE reminder



Compliance Essential

Compliance Notifications + Income tax return submission + Provisional tax return submission + CIPC annual return submission

R115 /month (R1380/year)

R499 + 8.5% of refund

Compliance Premium

Compliance Essential + VAT return submission + PAYE return submission + COIDA submission

R450 /month (R 5400 yearly)

Financial Emigration Services

We specialize in assisting South Africans – who wish to leave permanently or have moved abroad – with this complex and often time-consuming process.

With the changes to the tax laws promulgated for the 2020 tax year, many South Africans working abroad are financially emigrating to ensure that they are not seen as a tax resident and therefore taxed on their foreign income earned.

It is important to note that financial emigration is a formal process with the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) whereby you change your tax status from “resident” to “non-resident” for exchange control purposes. It does not, however, affect your South African citizenship status.