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Your business exists to serve you, not for you to serve the business

If your business depends on you, you do not own a business, you only have a job – it’s the worst job in the world because you are working for a crazy person. Time is your most important asset and it needs to be used wisely if you hope to reach your goals and achieve success

About Digital Treehouse

Our view is that in today’s ever-changing, digitally orientated world there are no excuses not to leverage the latest technologies to provide real time accounting services as well as maximizing digital marketing in a way that produces measurable & accountable results. This level of automation will save you as the business owner, invaluable time, time that you can spend growing your business.

When you are working in the business and are submersed in admin, there is no time, energy or the necessary distance to adopt a wider, more expansive view of the business and its goals. By surrounding yourself with trusted advisers you will increase your likelihood of success.

We have seen what works, what doesn’t. We have built up a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the numbers, advisory services and well-thought-out marketing strategies.  We are passionate to see your business grow and are invested in all our clients – your victories, ambitions and life goals will be just as highly cherished and celebrated by us when you achieve them.

Digital Treehouse was shaped by combining data and creativity in the two business functions that we are passionate about – finance and marketing. Through the effective use of the latest cloud accounting technology and implementation of high-quality, creative, digital marketing campaigns – that provide actual results & real-time insights – we can move SME’s forward.

Our vision is to enhance the financial functions, profitability and growth of small businesses; we will work to harness the online and mobile potential of every business owner we partner with.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

We Are Creative

Traditional accountants’ business models do not give them the necessary time needed to spend with their clients in an advisory capacity

We are Innovative

If you are looking for financial, advisory and growth services to free up your time so that you can grow your business and drive change in your industry – shouldn’t your accountants be doing the same in their field?

We Are Determined

We are always growing and committed to an ethos of continuous learning. This has enabled us to consistently produce outstanding results for our clients.

Ready to join our Treehouse?

Our clients are entrepreneurs and business builders, we are surrounded by these exciting individuals every day! We thrive by working with the type of business owners who have high expectations, are tech-savvy (or would like to explore how tech can change their business realities), understand the need for digital marketing and are open to innovation

Let’s find out if that’s you!

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Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

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